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E-mail has become one of the essential marketing tools to get connected with the customers as wide range of online users accessing mails. Providing with the customized E-mail template options, Bright Choice can help you out in delivering effective mails to build customer loyalty and brand recognition. Hence, we direct you to reach your target audience through efficient E-mail marketing with valid customer profile.  



  • Direct Inbox solution avoiding spam.

  • A simple drag-and-drop email composer.

  • Smart, friendly consultants ready to help 24/7.

  • A signup form for your website or Facebook page.

  • World-class infrastructure and authentication tools.

  • The option of drafting emails that go out automatically.

  • Tool that turns every blog post into an email newsletter.

  • Simple integration with Facebook, Google Analytics, Etsy and more.

  • Automatic removal of bad addresses, duplicates and unsubscribes.



  • CREATE & SEND gorgeous, business-boosting emails in minutes.

  • FREE 24/7 HELP from smart, friendly consultants. As always.

  • Cool Simplicity Every Time.

  • Bring Clients Back For More

  • Target Specific Demographics to Increase Engagement

  • Consider Timing and Target the Senses

  • Cost Effective