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Voice SMS or Voice Calls is a pre-recorded voice messages delivered to the mobile or landline phones. Its added advantage is Voice SMS can be sent in any language to the concerned call recipients. We are here to make you reach your target customers, As this service uses simple communication technology to shoot recorded voice messages to the wide range of call recipients within a matter of seconds and also gather touch-tone inputs from the end-users to measure the response of the bulk voice SMS campaign.




  • Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders

  • Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium

  • Appointment reminder

  • Health Care

  • Media Business

  • IT support staff for alert escalation process

  • Stock brokers and Bankers



  • Speech recognition

  • Extension of brand identity

  • Delivery Reports

  • Access to regional language messages

  • Result-tracking and measurement

  • Scheduling Bulk Voice campaigns

  • Real-time DND Scrubbing & Re-credit

  • API & Third Party Software’s